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I have never liked the saying ‘It’s not what you know—it’s who you know!’ Somehow it doesn’t seem fair that anyone can get ahead by taking shortcuts like that and avoiding having to work hard to achieve something. Surely we should all be on a level playing field. Yet this week, I saw the truth of this statement played out before my very eyes.

Recently our backyard was inundated when a nearby creek overflowed. A team of young people from our church and beyond came to our rescue and helped move all the resultant rubbish from way down our yard up onto our front footpath. At the same time, my husband phoned our local council and talked to someone who turned out to be rather unimpressed about our rubbish being on the footpath and told us an inspector would come and assess the situation.

We waited a few days, but still no inspector. We did not want to be fined for having our rubbish out on the footpath and were becoming a little concerned. Then one day when my husband was chatting to his dentist, he told him about the rubbish and how we had contacted the local council, but nothing had happened so far. The dentist commented that if we wanted something done about it quickly, we should contact a particular person high up in the council.

My husband came home and phoned this person. After a good conversation with him, we were asked to put the facts in an email. Later that same evening, we received a reply from this gentleman stating that he had requested an emergency clean-up crew be sent around to see to our rubbish and also that he wanted the contact details for all the young people who had helped us out so he could send them a thank you note!

The very next morning, on hearing some noise outside, we discovered half a dozen council workers gathered on our footpath and within about half an hour, a large front end loader was scooping up all our debris and depositing it in a nearby truck.

Yes, it is definitely not what you know but who you know, I decided.

But then I began to think a little more about this. Surely this is true as far as my faith in God is concerned too? I can know a lot about God and the Bible. I can study theology and various areas of ministry and know how to do these and why. I can talk the right talk. I can even teach others about the things of God. But unless I truly know God up close and personal and believe God can make a difference in my life and in others’—and unless I pray and listen to God and stay in close contact with the one who has all power and all authority—then nothing of lasting value will happen. The rubbish will still be there—in my life and in the lives of others around me.

The good thing is that the Lord is accessible to anyone of us who chooses to believe and not just to the privileged few or those ‘in the know’.  As David writes in Psalm 145:18:

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfils the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them.

Is it time you got to know the one who really matters a little better?

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