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BecomingMe-OFC-I like to think it wasn’t old age that caused me to make a rather crucial mistake recently. Stocks of my latest book Becoming Me had arrived, so I promptly sent out emails to lots of contacts, along with an attached brief document about the book’s release.

I vaguely remember a number of these emails taking much longer to send than the rest—which should have given me food for thought. But I ploughed on, eager to have my mammoth job completed. And soon I began receiving some encouraging responses and quite a few book orders via my website.

But last week, an email arrived from a friend who had just finished reading my first non-fiction book, Soul Friend. After explaining how much she had enjoyed it, she commented on my recent email about my latest book: I look forward to reading this one…. by the way, did you realise that you emailed the book transcript out, not the news release?

I was horrified. Surely I hadn’t sent out the whole manuscript of my new book to all my email contacts? With shaking hands, I checked my ‘Sent Items’. Phew! I could see I had attached the right document in most cases. But alas, around twenty-five people had indeed received a free digital version of the entire book!

Hmm—what to do? I decided to email these twenty-five again, apologising for my blunder and attaching the correct document this time. Now I am sure some would have quickly deleted this second email, as they had the first. But others reacted differently. One lady emailed that, after perusing my manuscript, she had decided to buy a hard copy at Koorong, which I know she did. Another lady wrote saying that she looked forward to reading the book ‘in some format’, as time permitted. Did that perhaps include my ‘freebie’, I wondered. Meanwhile, a writer friend was honest enough to admit she was puzzled at what I had done, yet was so happy to receive a free copy that she stayed quiet!

But one lady, way across the world in Ireland, exceeded all expectations. We have never met, but had been in contact about some workshops of mine she hoped to attend while visiting family in Australia. She began her email with the following:

So that explains why your manuscript popped into my inbox and ibooks! A most interesting read.

This lady went on to comment on various things she had enjoyed about Becoming Me. But she didn’t stop there. She also posted a review on Amazon UK! Not only that, she gave the book a five star rating!

This lovely, positive outcome from my silly blunder began to give me food for thought. Would this lady have ever purchased a copy of Becoming Me? I doubt it. Perhaps others who received my book by ‘accident’ might never consider buying it either, but still read it out of curiosity and be helped in some way. Whatever the case may be, I have decided to relax and trust God to bring good out of this whole event.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

A silly blunder? Maybe—maybe not.


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