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It happened to me just last week.  It was not long after breakfast and I was mentally planning out a nice, quiet writing day, when the phone rang.  The scheduled speaker at a meeting that very morning where eighty to ninety people would be present had had to cancel out.  Could I possibly speak instead?

Well, in the end I said I could.  After all, I did have a talk I had given at a similar venue.  Besides, it would obviously help out the organisers of the event.  So, after gathering my notes and books together and quickly getting dressed, I was off.

When I arrived, the group co-ordinator could not get over the fact I had actually made it and was prepared to speak at such short notice.  It was truly weird, she kept saying – quite bizarre, in fact – as if there was a reason behind it!  You see, only the previous day I had emailed the organisation, telling them I was available for speaking engagements in 2010, if they wished to invite me.  It had been around a year since I had last spoken at one of their meetings, so I assumed they must have enough speakers.  Either that – or I wasn’t quite what they wanted!  I had almost talked myself out of emailing, when suddenly I felt had to go ahead anyway.  They could only say thanks, but no thanks.  Imagine my surprise then, when the very next morning, after not hearing for a whole year, I was contacted to speak!

So … if I’d left it one more day before emailing, I would have been too late to help out.  If my email hadn’t been opened just before the frantic phone call was received, they would not have remembered I was still around.  If I’d had another appointment that day, I would have had to say no.  If I’d lived any further away, I wouldn’t have made it in time.  Could it be that God did indeed have a particular reason for my being there that morning?

Well, I duly spoke and sold a few of my novels, but it was the conversations that took place afterwards that were particularly significant.  I shared from the heart – and I hope my words encouraged those who shared equally from their own hearts about their struggles.  In the end, I went away so thankful for the unexpected privilege my morning had held.  I may never know the outcome, but I firmly believe that, by God’s grace, I was in the right place at the right time.  I was where God wanted me to be, doing what God wanted me to do – and that’s all that matters in the end, don’t you think?

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