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I love our New South Wales Christmas Bush. Several years ago, our son and daughter-in-law gave me one which I planted with great joy. But it never grew beyond around twenty-five centimetres, producing only a few stems of those beautiful, dusky pink blooms each year. So I gave up on it and planted a beautiful grevillea close by, which soon flourished. I still left that little Christmas Bush there, however—just in case!

Eventually, we decided to have a large, non-native tree growing nearby removed. It needed to go, for various reasons, and, as soon as it did, our lovely grevillea began to lose its sideways lean, which it had developed in order to avoid the shadow of the big tree next to it. As we carefully pruned the grevillea, its foliage thickened and, after a while, the whole shrub began to gain a more normal shape.

P1040312But something else happened as well. That poor, stunted Christmas Bush beneath the grevillea took on a new lease of life. With great determination, it decided it wanted to make its way through the branches of the grevillea and onwards and upwards towards the sun! Now this involved its central trunk performing a distinct swing to the left at one point and a perfect right-angled turn before it could head for the sky. Yet, with surprising swiftness in those months after seeing and feeling the sun again, this is what it did.

Then in October this year, I noticed little blossoms beginning to emerge all over the topmost branches of my hitherto very tiny Christmas Bush. My heart sank—was it all happening too soon? Would all those lovely dusky red and pink flowers have disappeared well before Christmas?

I kept observing my bush closely in the weeks ahead. And yes, by the time Christmas finally arrived, there were myriads of little blossoms just
waiting for me to pick them. With great joy, I prepared a huge boP1040311uquet for a long-time friend who loves Christmas Bush too and always buys some to decorate her home for Christmas. And, with equal joy, I picked a large bunch to put in our lounge room and another to decorate the table where we would eat our Christmas meal.

I have to say I enjoy my particular Christmas Bush, not only because of its lovely foliage but also because of the way it overcame all obstacles to get to that sunlight and stand strong and tall. For me, it is like a little daily parable, as I gaze at it from our kitchen windows above. It reminds me to keep on reaching out to Jesus, to seek always to turn my face up to the Son and to find strength and nourishment for my own growth and wellbeing, as well as for any ministry I might undertake. Then my words will hopefully bless others, just as my Christmas Bush is blessing us right now.

May 2016 be a year when you too continue to turn your face to the Son, experience his love and grace in a fresh way and grow so much more in God as a result.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. 2 Peter 3:18

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