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I think I have mentioned once or twice before that we have a cute little grandson! On various occasions when I have been minding him, he has been quite happy with me—until he sees his mother or father arrive. Then a sudden transformation seems to occur. A delighted grin spreads across his face, his eyes sparkle and he quickly heads for whichever parent it is as fast as his little legs will go. He then proceeds to sit in his mother’s or father’s arms with an extremely satisfied look, as if well pleased with himself and the world at large.

Perhaps you have grandchildren of your own who behave the same way. Or perhaps, like me, you have been to the airport to meet someone you haven’t seen for some time. At last they emerge from the customs area. Their faces light up and they quickly move towards you, eager for that hug and to hear that ‘Welcome home!’ I love watching the faces of others at the airport, too, as they wait to greet family members and friends. Even though they are strangers to me, it is a delight to see their faces light up with joy when their loved one appears.

I love to think of God’s face lighting up like that for me whenever I seek to spend time reading my Bible or just being quiet in God’s presence. I know God is everywhere and always sees us, but when I consciously make time to do this, I believe God welcomes me with joy and delight. After all, God loves me and I love God—so why wouldn’t both of us to rejoice?

This week, I came across another of my favourite verses from Psalms. Psalm 44 begins with the psalmist declaring how they heard from their forefathers what God has done for them in the past, driving out the nations before them. Then in verse 3, we read:

It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory; it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for you loved them.

How much the light of God’s face must have meant to the children of Israel as it shone upon them in love all those years ago! And how privileged we are to know that same love of God in our own lives today through Jesus Christ! On occasions in the media, we hear some comment such as ‘the gods must be smiling on us’, when the weather is good or some event has gone well or some fortunate thing has occurred. But we can each know the one true God, whose face is always turned towards us in love and whose light shines upon us continually because of Jesus Christ.

I remember when I first came to understand this amazing love of God and how the face of the speaker I was listening to at the time truly shone with the light and love and joy of the Lord. It was like a special switch had been turned on inside him—and I wanted that, too. So this year, may the light and love of the Lord shine through my face and yours, as we reach out to a needy world. May we be fully switched on inside by God’s love, ready to shine that light through everything we do!

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