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12801188_10153370942846709_6303442265014422707_nLife can be difficult for a four-year-old at times. After all, what is he going to do when his little sister puts on her gorgeous fairy outfit, complete with wings, little pink headband and a wand with ribbons? Who says little boys can’t wear something like that? But his sister absolutely loves it and is dancing around with it on. Should he try to get it off her by force? Should he ask nicely if he can have a turn? Or should he let her have it and be happy with his own toys?

What a dilemma! His ever resourceful mum reminds him about his very own cute Spiderman suit, which he loves—but he still likes the look of that fairy costume. In the end, a compromise is reached when his little sister decides to wear a funny striped hat instead of her little pink starry ‘feelers’ and lets her brother share her outfit. Peace reigns—well, for the moment anyway!

I suspect even us grown-ups have trouble at times choosing between two or more desirable things or 1920266_10153370943031709_4007177900362672850_ntwo different courses of action. Currently, I try to refrain from eating anything containing sugar, like cakes and desserts. So what does one do at one’s granddaughter’s second birthday party, when faced with a choice between a marshmallow-covered Doc McStuffins birthday cake, a delicious raspberry cheese cake and some fresh fruit? I’ll leave you to guess!

Of course, we all face much more challenging choices in life than the above. In my final high school years, I chose to study subjects that steered me in a particular direction—far away from Science and Maths! At university, I chose to major in modern languages, with Classical Greek thrown in for good measure. And in that Greek class, I met the man I later chose as my life partner! Throughout these years, I also chose some wonderful friends. But, before all that, I chose to follow Christ, committing my life to him when I was fifteen. And that decision changed things for me forever.

Yes, choosing to follow Christ may be in response to God’s choosing to call us, as Jesus made clear to his disciples (John 15:16). But we still have a choice whether to turn and receive God’s gift of grace or to go our own way in life. And when we do choose God’s way, we continue to face daily decisions as to how we live out our faith. We may wake up tired and a little disheartened, for example—but we can choose to remember God is with us and step into our day with courage, in the power of God’s Spirit. We may go to give that angry retort or make a disparaging remark about someone or pass on some gossip—but, in each of these moments, we have a choice whether to blurt it out or button our lips.

It’s all about listening to God, being sensitive to that check in our spirits, then choosing to do what honours God. Yes, this can be a challenge, but in the end, it’s the wisest way, don’t you think?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

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