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I often comment to others how fulfilling it is as a writer to be able to draw on past experiences and past occupations I have had in what I do now. It’s amazing to me how the various strands of our lives are woven together in such unexpected ways at times, as we continue to trust God in every part of our journey. Not only does my past provide ample material for my novels and also the non-fiction I write, but it also pokes its head up in the present in other areas, showing me clearly that God has gone before me and knows a lot more about my life than I do myself.

Last week, I sat down to prepare a workshop I will be taking in October at the Word Writers’ Getaway in Queensland (see www.thewordwriters.com for more information). Since my workshop, Getting in before your editor does, will be two hours long and is, after all, a workshop, I knew I would need to incorporate various exercises for participants to do in our time together. So next came the puzzle of how to balance my input with allowing time for exercises to be completed – and also what type of exercises would be most helpful, given our time constraints. After all, I want this to be a rich learning experience for those who choose to attend this workshop.

Soon my mind was in full swing, as I prepared notes, exercises and a power point presentation—and it was not long before I was enjoying myself immensely! Part of my enjoyment, I realised, stemmed from the fact that I was drawing on skills that had become second nature to me way, way back in my high school teaching years. These same skills had also been accessed, to some degree, in my time as part of a church ministry team when I ran short courses on different aspects of ministry. And on top of that, I was also drawing on lessons learnt from my editing journey with my own and others’ manuscripts in more recent years. So in the midst of my preparation, I took a moment to thank God for the way all these experiences are now bearing fruit in my life, as I endeavour to resource other authors.

And now, as I prepare a seminar I am also presenting, I have found an added reason to be thankful. You see, this seminar is called Writing that irresistible book proposal—definitely a tongue in cheek title! From memory, I reckon I have written somewhere between twenty and twenty-five book proposals in the past few years—and potential publishers or agents have had no trouble in resisting many of them! On the other hand, I have also had six novels and one non-fiction book accepted for publication. So I can draw not only on the positive times when my book proposals have borne fruit, but also on the negative times when all my work seemed to have gone for nothing. To me, this is a further wonderful example of how God weaves everything together and how no experience is wasted—not even those moments of rejection and deep disappointment.

As you look back on your own life, can you see God’s hand at work, weaving those strands together? When you do, may you too be able to say with a thankful heart:

But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands … (Psalm 31:14-15)

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