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Yes, I’ll admit it – I’m a big fan of Leonard Cohen’s music.  Some of the words of his songs I don’t relate to at all or even agree with, but others really make me stop and think.  Just this morning as I was listening to one of his CDs, a line from his song ‘The Future’ jumped out at me – ‘Love’s the only engine of survival’.  And I reckon he’s pretty spot on – perhaps not quite in the way he meant, but there’s a truth contained in those words, nevertheless.

What keeps you motivated to get up in the morning and face the day?  What drives you to get in and do things in your life?  What keeps you reaching out and relating to others in some way at least?

For me I can honestly say the bottom line is that I know God loves me and accepts me completely, wherever I am in my life and however I’m feeling.  That knowledge is the key thing that keeps me going when I wake up and am tempted to think this whole writing and speaking journey is just too hard.  It’s the key thing that helps me deal with disappointments along the way – times when people aren’t interested in my books or in what I say.  In the end, it’s enough for me to know that however well or otherwise I speak, or however well or otherwise my books sell, nothing – absolutely nothing – will change God’s amazing love for me.

That’s what motivates me in turn to get going and live my life for God, using my gifts as best I can to make a difference in this world.  Surely if God loves me that much, then the least I can do is love him back and do the things he’s called me to do. 

Of course there are other great loves in my life as well that motivate me to keep going.  The love of my husband and family and mine for them; the love of good, loyal friends and mine for them; the love of the beauty of nature; the love of good books and good music; the love of writing and creating interesting people and storylines; the love of speaking and communicating something at least of God’s love to others.  All of these make life rich, interesting and very worthwhile for me.  But if and when all these end, as they surely will, God will still be there.  When everything else falls away, I know that God’s love for me and mine for him will continue on into eternity.  Love will survive when nothing else does.  ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness’, God says to his people in Jeremiah 31:3 – and that’s true for us too, both now and forever.

So yes, Leonard – love truly is ‘the only engine of survival’!

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