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Laura Cover--Front + BorderAround a month ago, I decided to check through the filtered spam messages section on my Facebook page. To my horror, I found a message written two years ago from a lady, asking if I had any copies left of my third novel, Laura. She had wanted it for three reasons. Firstly, her daughter’s name is Laura. Secondly, this book was at the top of her daughter’s birthday wish list. And thirdly, Laura is about a child who loses her sight—and this lady’s daughter is only partially sighted.

Wondering if they still wanted the book, I contacted her, telling her I had no copies left but could access one from my sister, who was visiting us from Victoria soon. Imagine my surprise when this lady immediately wrote an impassioned message back, begging for this last copy and asking how she might pay for it.

I replied—then heard nothing. But last week, after my sister arrived, bringing the required copy of Laura with her, I decided to give this lady one last chance. And straight away, I received a reply. Yes, she did still want it—she had been unable to respond earlier but would do so immediately and pay the amount I had quoted her.

As soon as I saw the Paypal email, however, telling me my funds had arrived, I realised I had made one big mistake. Contrary to what I had thought, this lady and her daughter live in the UK, not Australia! I gulped. That meant much higher postage charges than those the lady had paid. What to do? Without being prompted, she had already asked about any further costs to cover postage and handling from Australia—yet I did not feel right about taking her offer up.

In the end, I decided it was my fault I had not realised where she lived—it was clearly visible on that very first message she had sent me. So I needed to stick by my original quote to her, take the book to the post office and send it for the amount she had paid.

But as I came home, I remembered something. My sister would have already paid for this book in the first place when she had bought a few copies in bulk from me to give away, soon after the book was released in 2009. Then it dawned on me that the amount needed to cover these extra postage costs to the UK was almost exactly what she had originally paid me for the book back then anyway! She had graciously not wanted her money back—and now someone else could benefit from her generosity.

I could not ignore the hand of God in this story in so many ways. Now, as my book Laura wings its way to its new home, I am praying another Laura somewhere in the UK will be blessed so much as a result. Surely God knew way ahead of us where this book needed to be. And just as surely, God has our desires and our future in hand and, having already paid a huge price for us, and is watching over each one of us now with such love and grace.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. Jeremiah 31:3

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