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BLOG TOUR pic front coverToday, I’m delighted to be part of a blog tour to celebrate the recent release of Glimpses of Light, a collection of poetry and short stories (fiction and creative non-fiction) by twenty-one authors who are part of Christian Writers Downunder. Glimpses of Light, which contains one of my own short stories, is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book format. All profits from the sale of this anthology go to CBM Australia (formerly Christian Blind Mission), an organisation which seeks to help people living with disabilities in the world’s poorest countries. Currently too, there is a giveaway for Glimpses of Light running on Goodreads, so check it out!

Last week, our Glimpses of Light blog tour featured award-winning South Australian author Paula Vince, whose excellent contemporary inspirational fiction is set in her own beautiful Adelaide Hills. On ‘The Vince Review’, Paula discusses the concept of light and shares how comments from her family helped her create her story, ‘Moon People’, for the anthology.

And now it’s my turn! When the call went out for submissions for Glimpses of Light, I almost ignored it. While I have written some short stories in the past, these are not what I am most comfortable creating. However, as soon as I read how all submissions needed to include an aspect of ‘light’, I immediately thought of my friendship with a young woman who lost her sight as a mere toddler and some amazing moments we had together. I had already woven these experiences into my third novel, Laura, published in 2009. Perhaps I could change the order of things a little to suit the short story genre better and submit a piece of creative non-fiction, I decided. How delighted I was when I heard my story, ‘Revelation’, was to be included in Glimpses of Light! Here was another opportunity for God to bless and encourage others as they read about those real life events that had impacted me so deeply.

I was also happy to seize the opportunity to support CBM Australia through this publication. Since 2007, CBM has recorded each of my novels and made them available for those with print disabilities as audio books through their lending library, which has now merged with the Vision Australia library. As well, this seemed to me a good opportunity to join in on a venture with other Christian authors and support them in their efforts to produce what I consider is an excellent publication.

And now (drum roll please!), if you live in Australia and would like to win a print copy of my latest novel The Inheritance or my memoir Soul Friend, please leave a comment below, indicating which book you would prefer. While this offer is unavailable to any authors/editors associated with Glimpses of Light, as well as anyone based overseas, I would love to post someone out there a prize! The winner will be announced on my blog on Tuesday 12th January, as well as in the Christian Writers Downunder Facebook group.

And now another drum roll for the next author on our blog tour—Jeanette O’Hagan. Jeanette lives in Queensland and has practised medicine, studied communication, history, theology and, more recently, a Master’s in writing. She loves writing poetry and also young adult fantasy fiction and has also been the very committed, efficient and hard working co-editor of Glimpses of Light. Jeanette’s blog will appear this Friday 8th January on her website (see also ‘Jenny’s Thread’), so be sure to check it out.

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