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Jo 23I sit at my table at the school Mothers’ Day Market, gazing around at the students, teachers, parents and grandparents nearby. It is a beautiful, sunny day and I cannot help giving thanks for the opportunity to bring my books to such a lovely venue and for the creativity on display all around me. Handmade cards, perfumed candles, jewellery of all shapes and sizes, plants, scarves—it’s all there.

Another author friend has a table next to mine. What fun we have, chatting together, sharing ideas, encouraging each other, promoting each other’s wares! At one stage, I celebrate with her as a lady squeals with joy when she sees my friend has a new book out.

‘Oh, wow! My daughter will be so excited to see this. I’m definitely buying it for her!’

Such comments are like gold to authors, my friend and I agree. We wish we could record the moment—how encouraging it is to hear someone has been dying to read our next book! I am delighted for her, but I also sigh a little, as I reflect on the pause in my own book releases in the last couple of years. In 2015, I took a much-needed sabbatical. And this year, I have been re-editing a second non-fiction book I began in 2013. However, I am so thankful I still have my other books to display and enjoy chatting with those who come to look, selling a book here and there, along with another friend’s cards.

During the morning, different classes come to select their Mothers’ Day gifts, the younger students with their money stored safely in small, plastic bags. Some have older ‘buddy’ students alongside to help—it is all quite heart-warming. A boy of eight or nine approaches my table and we chat. I explain I am an author and point to my books. He looks impressed—then comes out with my own classic compliment of the day.

‘You’re a good book person!’

I smile and thank him. Of course, he has no idea whether I am good or not—either as an author or in general! But, to him, the fact I have written a few books is enough. I must be good, if I could manage to churn out not one or two but seven books.

What a lovely, simple, refreshing perspective to have, I muse. Can I allow his words to encourage me, just as the comment my author friend received about her new book has encouraged her?

In the end, I decide I can. But, more than that, his comment, spoken in such innocence and with such joyful sincerity, somehow reminds me of how God so often speaks to me. God is not at all innocent about who I am or the writing I produce or the way I live my life. God knows me through and through. Yet, time after time, God chooses to forgive my shortcomings and to speak sincere and joyful words of encouragement into my heart. Because of Jesus, God tells I am so loved and accepted, whether I produce anything new or not. And that’s enough for me.

How great is the love he Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 1 John 3:1

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